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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a stockist?

A stockist is a registered business or organization, authorized to sell LOHN products in their local store or showroom.

How can a person become a stockist?

A business can become a stockist by simply filling out the application form on the LOHN official website. If the business is reviewed and meets the requirements, the business will be approved to become a LOHN stockist.

Are there special requirements for being a stockist?

The business must be registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) if the business is in Nigeria, or the appropriate business registration body if the business is out of Nigeria. The business must have a standard physical store in a choice location of state or region it resides. The business must accept the terms and conditions of being a LOHN stockist.

Can I get a sample of the product?

Stockists can request a tester if they order a minimum of 3 items within a single fragrance range.


Yes, stockists can sell LOHN products online as long as such sale falls within the terms of the stockist agreement.

What are the payment terms?

There are 3 main packages open to all LOHN stockists. All products are prepaid for on the wholesale website.

Is there a minimum quantity order?

LOHN stockists are required to place a minimum order of Two hundred Thousand Naira only (N200,000.00) to check out of the wholesale website.

Is there a minimum sales quota or requirement for stockists?

No. Stockists can sell products they purchase according to their sales power.

Can I customize the products for my market?

No. Stockists are not allowed to make any customizations or changes to the original state of the products they receive. However, if the stockist requires customization of a product, the stockist can contact LOHN for advice. Please see the stockist agreement for more information.

Can I offer warrantees or guarantees to my customers?

A stockist cannot offer any warranties, guarantees, or any product performance promises LOHN has not already offered to customers.

What is the profit margin for stockists?

LOHN stockists enjoy profit margins based on the package they subscribe to. Stockists within the base package enjoy a 10% discount which translates into profit. Similarly, stockists within the heart and top packages enjoy 12.5% and 15% discounts respectively. This is the standard and excludes any further sales or discount benefits LOHN may offer to stockists. Stockists may also increase the Lohn standard pricing to cover for logistics and other costs. However, this increased pricing must be within the terms of the stockist agreement.

Are there any limitations on marketing or advertising the products?

The stockist may market and advertise LOHN products without editing, altering, or adapting the LOHN brand. See the stockist agreement for more details.

Can a stockist sell internationally?

A stockist can sell internationally if the stockist is an international stockist approved to sell in that region. If the stockist is a local stockist with international customers, the stockist can also make the sale as long as it is within the terms of the stockist agreement.

What is your return policy?

Please check the stockist agreement for our return policy.

Can I get exclusive distribution rights for a particular region?

Yes. Stockists can request exclusive distribution rights for a particular region, however, these rights come with its own terms and conditions which will be stated upon request. Granting exclusive distribution rights is solely within the disv

Complimentary shipping on all LAGOS orders above N100,000