Scent Stick Mini


Complimentary Fragrance Oil (120Ml) + One Surge Protector


Covers 70sqm  24/7 Timer, Bluetooth Connected

Availabe in Sleek black , Rose gold


Requires 120ml bottle to fill

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The scent stick mini employs our unique nebulizing technology, which uses filtered air to diffuse fragrances instead of heat or water. This preserves the aromatic integrity of the oils, allowing for longer-lasting diffusion that leaves no residue. Designed to suit spaces of all sizes, the Scent stick mini allows unrivalled user control, with the ability to adjust fragrance intensity as desired.

Additional information

Color Options

Black, Rose Gold

Fragrance options

Asian Dragon, Classic, Earl Grey Cucumber, Grapefruit Mint, Green Tea, Honey & Tabac, Karth, Lemongrass Tea, Oud, P. Noir, Patchouli, Pink Diamond, Purple, Royal Oud, Sandalwood & Vanilla, SI, Velvet O., Velvet Oud, Warm Joy, White Tea, White Tea 2020, Wishing Elves


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